Thursday, 24 March 2016

Transfer the boxes in Truck Loader

Truck Loader is the first game from the series with the same title. There is actually a number 1 on the title to avoid confusions. This is the introductory game for the whole series in which players will have an idea already about the progress or development of the series. The setting in this game is a construction site where certain boxes are spread or set up in certain areas of the site. There is also a truck at the end of the construction site as well as a fork lift truck at the start.

Maybe you are wondering what are the said features all about, the answer is written on the next paragraph. The player’s mission in this game is to drive and navigate the forklift truck which is actually magnetic. Transfer all the boxes to the truck waiting at the end of the construction site. You will have to plan each move because there could be tricky happenings along the platform. This is s physics-based game which means it requires strategy and execution. Feel free to search for its online site which is

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  1. Who else waves "bye-bye" to the truck when it leaves?