Thursday, 24 March 2016

Race Through The Biggest Cities With Hot Rod Racer!

Hot Rod Racer is meant for gamers who are addicted to speed! So race against other racers, use your nitro and win the race. But be careful not to roll over. Keep a good balance and reach the finish first! Can you do that? If you want, you can view official site and have a race of your life!

Start with a regular car, but win races and upgrade! Buy some powerful cars and survive through 24 levels. Those levels will guide you through the largest cities of the world: Hong Kong, London, Qatar, New York. Are you excited to drive like crazy through San Francisco, Nevada or Tokyo? If you are, do your best, win races and travel through the whole world. There are 12 different cars for you to try out! There is also a possibility to customize your wheels and suspension. So if you want some thrill, try this game out!

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