Thursday, 24 March 2016

A Multipurpose Adventure with Semantic Wars

Are you familiar with the flash game called Semantic Wars? If not, then you are fortunate to be reading this article because it will mainly tackle the game proper of the game Semantic Wars. But before that, there are three words that can describe the game which will somehow give you an idea about the process of this game. Those three words are entertaining, challenging and exciting. Entertaining because the whole game’s purpose is to make gamers smile and enjoy what they are playing. Challenging because it is multipurpose which means the players will be doing a lot of stuffs in here. Exciting because of the battles and adventures the gamer will face.

The first half of the game is about guessing the words in the categories that will be presented in the game. This part is very crucial because the points the player will be getting will be used in the second part which is about training troops and preparing them for the battles ahead. This game is not just about intelligence but also about might too. Guess the words quickly so that you can train the warriors and be prepared in the battle with enemies.

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