Monday, 20 June 2016

King of Ring

Most of the gold ring you and prestige awaits you !!!

But ... That's a bet you can not even 500 points scored in a first attempt on the ring road !!!

There you play the hardest game ever !!! Please introduce challenging new game and the most difficult for you, "Kings of the Rings". Admire your enthusiasm and keep with its features and join you all the time that is more attractive than most tough game !!!


Getting Kings of the Rings of iLife Mobitech that is fun addictive game challenging you with the soothing sound effects !!!

Playing is easy peasy !! Just drag and bend at the top or bottom of how that works for you and get more points !!! Do not let the ring touch the road !!! If you make it as long as the road !! You are the owner of the most prestigious rings Kings !!! Come on!!! What fun together !!!

Key features ---- ----

Top and icons below will help you move
Selection modes: Fast, Medium, Slow
Admire the stunning new graphics and cute sound effects

Always a special day begins with a special game !!! Enjoy the king of the ring !!!

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Saturday, 18 June 2016


Godlike is considered the leap of the series of RPGs - mobile tactics, bringing entirely new experiences to players.

Basic information

Built on the technology platform Unity 5 - a multi-platform ecosystem advanced is the first choice of game developers, Godlike leap is regarded as the genre of role-playing genre - War mobile technology, bringing entirely new experiences to players.
Join the Godlike, players will collect and Training Minister, strengthen army and wipe out the enemy in one world full of thrilling, exciting and fast-paced. Along with hundreds of quests and supplements to the player should be able to write his own story. You will choose the generals to accompany his legion of fierce battles that ?.

Salient features:

• Choose from over 40 unique and diverse generals, from the tank, damage dealer supporter to powerful destructive (and continues to be updated).
• Fight and explore the world through war Godlike 2 sides Light & Darkness to find pieces Mad Moon, build your own army which should write his own story.
• Collect, training and retraining the generals to enhance the strength of the corps.
• Collect and upgrade the skills to empower your generals in the army, creating terror for the enemy whenever the battle. Allows arbitrary choice for general skills (including other general skills).
• Flexibility in production control every game generals, generals can select corps of the enemy to attack back to defense when choosing dangerous.
• Build or join one alliance to join the big battle.
• Closely with friends in the inter-server battle against the other forces to win great prizes.
• Beyond supplements, world bosses duel countless pitfalls to overcome tough and dramatic.
• reputations for corps by passing the other in the Arena Corps.
Take along a friend involved in Godlike - The latest RPG and polar substances produced by Emobi Games and released.

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Monday, 6 June 2016


Play a game of reflexes addicting! Rektagon is very difficult, fast speed, reaction skills and survival games for children, teenagers and grown rapidly and you have to constantly move your character to a safe area , avoiding the walls that close at higher and higher speeds around. Use your computer mouse or touchpad, you have to constantly adjust your position to avoid the wall surrounding the six mini-game mode similar to - yet - awesome.

The reason to play this challenging game based response: Check and carry out your observational skills, mouse control skills and hand-eye coordination, and reflexes sharp as you quickly collect your little character around the game area in a mad dash for survival every few seconds. Accepted the difficult challenge trying to unlock all six mini game modes (6 is tough!). Also enjoy cool retro music and sound effects, classic 8-bit games this super challenge.

Best Strategy: Accept that trial and error is absolutely key to progress as far as you can, and set the new record scores. You must learn from your mistakes, and be flexible and persistent enough to change the strategy and your techniques if necessary!