Friday, 29 April 2016

Skywire 2

Careful control of a cable car faster through the obstacle course and eccentric bearing your passengers safely to their destinations! Skywire 2 game is a multi-level challenges, reflection and time-based skills with 1 and 2-player mode, where you must guide a cable car high in the sky with a wild, full of obstacles rails while keeping safely at least one passenger on board until you reach your destination. Play as a solo cable operator of the vehicle, or race against a member of the friends / family in a mode of action packed racing, 2 people!

Reasons to Play Cool & Quirky arcade games: Perhaps thinking about the game fun as a rollercoaster game like structure and motivation than where you can test and implement the coordination skills right hand - eye, focus, keyboard controller, speed of reaction and finger skills, skill and stamina time as you try to zip along the cable car to the end.

Strategy to win: While completing levels quickly is favorable, you have to be careful and methodical in moving. Sometimes you may have to slow down or even completely reverse a bit to avoid obstacles. Remember, your priority is to protect the people on the train!

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016


The player takes the role of a "market" in the Dreadnought to have supreme power over ships with enough things to care about, from the largest to the smallest detail
Developed through engine Unreal 4, the Dreadnought is an online game in which you will control the giant spaceship, join in the heated environment of the same team zero gravity and the other ships.

Reportedly, the Dreadnought will officially open the doors into closed beta testing on April 29, meaning that this weeks Friday. Players will be able to express themselves and played the role of a "market" in the Dreadnought to have supreme power over ships with enough things to care about, from the largest to the smallest details, including weapons systems, engines, armor, extra features, the crew on the ship and the course is both outside the ship with a variety of decorative colors depending on the aesthetic of gamers.
With his vehicle, the player has the right to decide themselves will "mercenaries" for the force to occupy the planet as well as restore order chaos of vast virtual world.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ninja Sword fighting game for Teens

Ninja is a fighting game online challenges for youth, where you play the role of a powerful ninja warrior who is out to avenge the bad guys caught his village. This large-scale, game side-scrolling action with all the classic elements of the game Ninja - acrobatic combat, sneaky sneaky move, sword fighting, and stars. Defeat an enemy full range masked villagers caught and set free. Perform cool combo hits and devastating blow to the rebellion pesky. Collect power-ups, buy new weapons and find the hidden objects in the game RPG stadium melee. Build your warrior to become the greatest man by increasing his stats as you progress.

Action game this retro style will really test their skills and your reflexes quick as there are bad guys that approached from all angles. Accuracy is essential, as you professionally to aim and shoot your Shuriken (ninja stars) your enemies. Sensei Ninja big oh ok, you are ready to save the village and our people? Well, show us what you are doing!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Control troops in Western Blitzkrieg 2

Western Blitzkrieg 2 is the second part in a series of game trophies and minus the number 2 on it. This is a shooting game that is landscape or environment of the battlefield. The players will be dealing with the control of the soldiers. Before we move on to the details of the game, let's solve the noble job of a soldier.


Most people dream of becoming a soldier, but only very few people can overcome and achieve this status for several reasons. The first is because of financial inability. The second is because of health problems. Finally a lack of courage and perseverance. As a soldier requires altruism, bravery and perseverance as well as the environment that comes with the task title. Return to Western Blitzkrieg 2, the player's task is to shoot all the enemies until they achieve safe passage.

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Learn the basics in Learn to Fly Walkthrough

Are you familiar with a guide? This is like a tutorial of something like a flash game that will give you a glimpse, or almost everything on that particular flash games. Has the advantage that one can get from one direction. It can be a good source of advice on how to survive a flash game. If there is a difficulty that people will notice is that a user can spoil the nature of a game, but it is a natural thing in a flash game. A game that has a direction is Learn to fly.

If you are playing this game, it can be very useful for your evolution. Learn to fly Walkthrough simply give you tips and ideas on how to survive in this flash game series is very challenging, it's about training a flying penguin. In this guide, each level will be explained for your understanding. You will also get some tips and cheats as well. Search for it online and have a great progress in the Learn to Fly series.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Driving efficiently and quickly with Ignition 2 Game

Driving and racing games have become popular through the years big for three reasons. The first is because they meet virtual passion that most people have for cars and other vehicles. As we all know, cars and other vehicles are great and helpful people that all of us can benefit from. The second reason is because they are exciting and thrilling that makes gamers feel the adrenaline rush even if it is through a virtual environment. The last reason is because they are entertaining that is the main purpose of the creation of the current online games. A good example is one called the Ignition 2 Game.


If you are looking for excitement and suspense, this game will give you that. But before you can play, you must know your target. Since this is a racing game, you will have to work with cars. The title of this game is that the ignition 2 because you will have to make the perfect spark to push your car to the track and finish. Drive your car to the pad and advance to the next song or level.

Protecting giant carrot Game Over Gopher

Protecting giant carrot Game Over Gopher

You play the game to enjoy math? Do you like the image? In Game Over Gopher, you should have a basic knowledge of geometry. At least you have to know the coordinates or axes. Your goal is to prevent the hungry Gophers in their efforts to eat giant carrots are appreciated.

You will put the defense system against the hungry Gophers, they can not eat giant carrots. Some of the defense must be set correctly on a given coordinates. You must also be able to earn rubies to put defenses and upgrade them. You can earn rubies by setting up or collects drilling ruby ruby leave by the Gophers. Game Over Gopher is a tower defense game. It is a fun and addictive flash game. Once you understand the game, you will be convinced of the play it. And shows no violent, this game is also recommended for children.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Can you go Jail Break 2 game

Jail Break 2 game is an action-packed strategy computer game. Some teens do escape from their parents so they can go to the nearest internet café and some bad students escaped from their classes only to play computer games, do you think you can still escape from a heavily guarded jail? Browse this site and do all the strategies you know to escape without being caught. You will surely enjoy this game.

Conversations of the roving guards will also entertain you. Make your move to escape while listening to them. Be careful in moving out of the jail. Make sure not to touch any of the walls so you would not get stuck to it. Watch out for the flash light of the jail guards, that is the reach of their eyesight. This is very easy to play, just use arrow keys to move and make a honeyed escape from the jail.

Save the day in Penguin Diner 3

A lot of dash games are out in the gaming world. And if you are a fan of rush games, one quality game you will enjoy is the Penguin Diner game series. In the third installment of this game, help Penny once again in her venture to the restaurant business. You must serve customers exceptionally and earn money which will be used to improve the restaurant in all aspects.

There is a goal income at the start of the day which must be earned before the time for the restaurant’s closing at the end of the day. Upgrade everything you can in the restaurant which will definitely be beneficial for the business. Upgrading tables and chairs will make the customers more relaxed. Upgrading your shoes will make you faster. Upgrading the chef will make him more efficient. Penguin Diner 3 is an exciting and challenging dash game.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Dolphin Show 4: Jump Dive Swim And Enjoy

The audience is eager to see your dolphin performing more tricks. With even more tricks, levels, and outfits, you will give them the show of their life. My Dolphin Show 4 includes 18 levels, which defer in the level of difficulty. Some of them require you to collect a certain number of stars so you can unlock the next one. Beside previous outfits, this sequel includes an elephant, a duckling, ghost, baby alligator, cheerleader, and even a French fry outfit! How strange is that!

A dolphin in a French fry outfit! As far as the stunts, you dolphin will have to jump and touch some beach balls in the air with his nose. Second one, even more challenging, is to jump through hula hoops and touch the balls. Check this game out and find more stunts and tricks of you lovely dolphin. You will definitely enjoy!

Guide and Help the stickman in Level Editor 3

It is true that there are varied games existing in different gaming websites to give entertainment to many people around the globe. There are games that are easy to play and some are quite complicated. There are happy games and some thrilling and scary games. There are entertainment-focused games and the educational ones.

There are games that require minimal interaction from the player and there are some that requires more interaction just like the flash game called Level Editor 3. If you want to know more about this game, continue reading this article. The main character in this game is an animated stickman. The players objective is to guide the stickman in overcoming obstacles and earning points in each level. It is up to you to redesign the levels to make it more interesting and exciting. You just have to utilize the tools given in order to accomplish your mission. Enjoy playing Level Editor 3 now!

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Double the fun and adventure with Journeys of Reemus 2

A game series has an advantage or advantages ahead of single games because of the continuing story that the gamers and players will anticipate and look forward to. There are two advantages of having a story in a flash game. One is because it can attract gamers to be hooked since they are following a storyline and will keep them interested rather than finishing a level and that’s it. Two is because it can extend the entertainment offered to players. Journeys of Reemus 2 is a great example of an edition from a series that continues the story the was left off from the previous serving.

Zeebarf created this wonderful and fun click and point style game which is already the second edition from the series. One great thing aboutan edition is the tag line or title attached with it just like in this second serving which has a tag line of The All Knowing Parasite. The player’s role is to continue the adventure by interaction with Reemus or Liam as well as the objects using the mouse of the computer. If curiosity still lingers on your mind, you can simply search for this game online for further details.

Unleash your sense of style with Diwata Dress Up

Do you know what style means? It is the way you look to things in terms of dressing up, clothing and everyday look. This is what makesa person stylish, updated and refreshing. Some people think that style is not important. Maybe at some point but during events such as weddings and birthday, it is essential to have a sense of style in order to make yourself comfortable and presentable. Fortunately, there is a way to unleash your fashion sense and it is through the game called Diwata Dress Up.

Your mission as the player of this game is simple. You just have to dress the girl with style. Make her look stylish and beautiful. There will be a lot of dress, shoes and accessories that you can try on her to see and create the perfect look for her. This game is suitable for girls and even boys who love fashion.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Fight other brawlers in Saloon Brawler 2

Saloon Brawler 2 is the second installment from the flash game series called Saloon Brawler. This is an action packed game where the players need to deal with the brawling that is happening in a specific place or location. There are two reason why you will love playing this game. First is because of the full action that will take place. Although it is bad to get into a fight, but it is integral to know what skills you have in order to defend yourself in a positive way. Second is because of the fact that brawl can be a great theme in a flash game that serves great entertainment to gamers around the world.

Your mission in this game as the player is to join the brawl growing in the Wild West since the sheriff has been back to town. You should be able to defeat other brawlers to earn points as well as utilize the stuffs setup in the game for additional fire power.

Help the persistent car in Wheely 2

It is nice to see and experience games that really test players to their limits for their development that are continuously existing at the moment. The great thing about them is that they give a lesson or lessons that many players or gamers can benefit from. This article is presenting a good example which is called Wheely 2. This is the second installment from the series with the same title minus the number 2. You can play this sequel at. There are two great things about this game. First is the involvement of great features that make the game more appealing and attractive. Second is the involvement of a cute character that most gamers will truly love.

In this sequel, the story is about Wheely who is the main character who is on a mission to find and reach his true love. He must pass through several dangers and obstacles before he reach his goal. Your goal as the player of this particular game is to help the main character in surpassing and overcoming the obstacles with great control and navigation of the car.