Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Dolphin Show 4: Jump Dive Swim And Enjoy

The audience is eager to see your dolphin performing more tricks. With even more tricks, levels, and outfits, you will give them the show of their life. My Dolphin Show 4 includes 18 levels, which defer in the level of difficulty. Some of them require you to collect a certain number of stars so you can unlock the next one. Beside previous outfits, this sequel includes an elephant, a duckling, ghost, baby alligator, cheerleader, and even a French fry outfit! How strange is that!

A dolphin in a French fry outfit! As far as the stunts, you dolphin will have to jump and touch some beach balls in the air with his nose. Second one, even more challenging, is to jump through hula hoops and touch the balls. Check this game out and find more stunts and tricks of you lovely dolphin. You will definitely enjoy!

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