Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ninja Sword fighting game for Teens

Ninja is a fighting game online challenges for youth, where you play the role of a powerful ninja warrior who is out to avenge the bad guys caught his village. This large-scale, game side-scrolling action with all the classic elements of the game Ninja - acrobatic combat, sneaky sneaky move, sword fighting, and stars. Defeat an enemy full range masked villagers caught and set free. Perform cool combo hits and devastating blow to the rebellion pesky. Collect power-ups, buy new weapons and find the hidden objects in the game RPG stadium melee. Build your warrior to become the greatest man by increasing his stats as you progress.

Action game this retro style will really test their skills and your reflexes quick as there are bad guys that approached from all angles. Accuracy is essential, as you professionally to aim and shoot your Shuriken (ninja stars) your enemies. Sensei Ninja big oh ok, you are ready to save the village and our people? Well, show us what you are doing!

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