Thursday, 24 March 2016

New stuffs found in Desert Rifle 3

Do you have any idea about Desert Rifle 3? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will be enlightened with the help of the contents in this article. Desert Rifle 3 is a flash game which is the third edition from the shooting game series called Desert Rifle. It is obviously about shooting and defeating opponents or enemies. This game is played with mouse and a single player game.

Since this is already the third offering, gamers can expect for more exciting game time. If you want to know more details about it, read this article now…. The objective of the player in this game is to shoot and kill all the opponents or enemies coming his or her way. There is a wall that you can use as a shield or base. Don’t let the enemies defeat you. Use the rifle efficiently and precisely. The good thing about this new game is the additional fire power or weapon which is a remote grenade. It is a type of game that can be controlled and detonated by a remote which is a good strategically offense system.

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