Friday, 6 May 2016

The Time is broken

The Time is broken is a fun and quirky, this game-based action adventure, players have to collect in each level within 24 hours, while avoiding jump clones of your own character (a professor)! Using the quick response, good times and deft keyboard controller to collect watches, and try to dodge and weave around the blue clones of professors appear.

Background information: Professor Timothy tried to create a time machine from a gazillion of the clock. Unfortunately, these mechanisms fail, and now Timothy (you) to try to get all the watches from each level. However, the problem of time also means that clones randomly appear in each level - These are your previous version, trapped in a time loop! You have to avoid these lines when exposed to one of the causes of a terrible paradox of time!

Skills / tip: very quick reflexes, good observation skills and hand-eye coordination are really important in this ledge and jump based on skill and puzzle game. The dangerous currents behave erratically, but they always repeat their movements. Try to use this factoid to your advantage in your quest to avoid contact with them!

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